Bricco Menu Has Your Unique Dietary Needs in Mind

By Bricco Posted on June 24th, 2016


Finding somewhere to eat can be a challenge for any group, let alone one with special dietary needs. At Bricco, we cater to a variety of eaters from the meat and potato aficionados to lifelong vegetarians to those following a strictly gluten-free diet. When we say there’s something on our menu for everyone, we mean it! The next time you’re booking dinner for a group, here are just a handful of reasons Bricco should be at the top of your list!

Very Vegetarian Friendly

We know how frustrating it can be to eat out as a vegetarian. You’re often stuck assembling a variety of side dishes together and calling it a meal. While we have plenty of delicious vegetarian-friendly sides at Bricco, we also have you covered from start to finish with a full menu of dishes to suit your dietary needs and stretch your taste buds with unique flavor combinations! We truly believe that meatless doesn’t have to mean tasteless.

Among our vegetarian starters, we have a number of hearty salads and everyone’s favorite antipasti: burrata, which is handmade to order and served with toasted focaccia, salsa verde and sea salt. Our small plates menu is a vegetarian’s dream with plenty of options including an olive tapenade and marinated sunchokes. We also have vegetarian-friendly cheeseboards, pizzas and main courses including mouth-watering fire-roasted asparagus with portabella ceviche, quinoa and a poached local egg.

Gluten Free is the Way to Be

Once reserved solely for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, many people are now embracing a gluten-free lifestyle. As a result of this increased demand, more and more gluten-free options are now emerging in grocery store aisles and on restaurant menus. Bricco is no exception, as we’ve catered to the gluten-free crowd for years. Here’s just a taste of what those who are avoiding gluten can eat off our menu.

Love meatballs? Try our famous meatballs made gluten free! We also offer other starters such as our specialty salads and roasted Gulf prawns without any gluten. Many of our cheese and meat boards, small plates and chilled seafood options are also naturally gluten free, so you can order those without any special requests. But Bricco will go above and beyond to prepare a meal to your specifications. Order your pizza crust or pasta gluten free and you’ll have a freshly made, delicious dinner that fits your dietary restrictions (small upcharge applies).

Tailor-made Tasting Menu

For special events, Table at Bricco offers a unique, multi-course tasting menu for groups of 10 to 14. Celebrate your next birthday, corporate event, or family gathering with a seasonal menu that can address any dietary needs you might have. At Table at Bricco, you can also customize your experience to add wine pairings, supplemental courses and even specialty cakes! Call us today at 717-724-0222 to discuss your endless options!

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