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By Bricco Posted on August 25th, 2016

We know it’s easy to get into a bit of a rut. But if you find yourself constantly ordering the same drafts and bottles, it might be time to branch out and try something new the next time you’re at Bricco. While we might be known throughout the area for our extensive wine list, our bar is stocked with a full selection of craft beers and ciders. From hoppy IPAs to seasonal offerings, we’ve got something for everyone!

If you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone and crack open a cold one, here are a few local recommendations.


Hop Lovers, Rejoice!

Are you a hop head? If you enjoy the bitter taste and intense aroma of a flavorful IPA, you could be overwhelmed with options in the Mid-state region. Pennsylvania is in the middle of an IPA craze, and local bars are answering the call with a wide selection of beers from Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA to 21st Amendment’s Brew Free! Or Die IPA.

But, at Bricco, we believe in going local whenever possible. That’s why we love Appalachian Brewing Company’s Hoppy Trails IPA with its great fruit aroma and tasty malt flavor. And, at just $5 a pint, it’s a wallet-friendly choice for craft beer lovers!

All Ales Are Not Created Equal

Another popular go-to choice for beer lovers is an ale. A traditional pale ale that you might be used to, such as Sierra Nevada’s flagship brew, is very drinkable, light, heavier on the malt and lighter on the hops. But ales can run the gamut, and Tröegs in nearby Hershey is doing amazing things with ales.

It’s an unspoken rule that any beer that comes corked is guaranteed to be good, and LaGrave is no exception. The triple golden ale uses a rare Abbey-style yeast that gives it a dry finish and earthy aroma. The flavor profile includes hints of pear, black pepper and crusty bread. Jovial, Tröegs’ Belgian Dubbel Ale, uses that same Abbey-style yeast to produce a completely different flavor with a blend of chocolate, toffee and molasses.

Sip on Cider

More and more people are making the switch to hard cider for reasons ranging from gluten and hops sensitivity to the lure of an alcoholic beverage with high antioxidant levels. Cider drinkers reach for Woodchuck for its crisp, refreshing taste. The medium-bodied cider is known for its sweet taste, light carbonation and easy drinkability.

Wyndridge Farm in nearby Dallastown is keeping things simple, using local apples and minimal extras to create a fresh, clean, Champagne-style cider. While traditional apple cider is mostly enjoyed in the fall, Wyndridge’s hard cider is a customer favorite year-round at just $4.50 a pint!

Next time you’re at Bricco, ask about our tap and bottle selection. We look forward to sharing our area favorites with you!








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