How to Stick to Your Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolution

By Bricco Posted on February 6th, 2017

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Although 41 percent of Americans often make New Year’s resolutions, keeping them is much harder. One study suggests 58.4 percent of resolution makers keep their resolutions past the first month, while other research suggests as many as 59.6 percent of people break their resolutions by Jan. 11. If you have yet to break your resolution – GREAT – KEEP GOING!

This may not be heartening news, but we’re not just sharing this piece of information to make you give up – honest! According to experts, there are ways to stick to your resolutions. Let’s say you’ve chosen one of the most common resolutions out there: a commitment to eating healthy after New Year’s Eve. Great. Here are some tips on how to keep your New Year’s resolution:

focus on clean eating

Focus on Clean Eating

Toss out junk food and the foods you know don’t help you lose weight. Instead of trying to eat a perfect diet and sticking with a very strict eating plan, focus on whole foods such as seafood, vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Try to eat fewer foods that have been processed and packaged. This simple switch can make a dramatic impact on your health.


Get Motivated by Friends and Family by Staying Accountable

You’re more likely to make it if people you know are cheering you on. Share your resolution with friends and family and see if others are willing to hop on the healthy eating path with you. You may have more fun if a few of you are trying to make the same healthy changes.

Even if everyone you know is still eating hamburgers and fries, your friends and family can help by keeping you accountable. Bet a friend or sibling that you will make positive adjustments to your eating or will need to fork over some cash. With money on the line, you may find it easier to pass up junk food.

  healthy eating on the go

Make Your Plan Work With Your Lifestyle

If you love dining out and hate to cook, don’t try to start making all your meals at home. Similarly, if you’ve always been a social eater, don’t suddenly try to go solo. Make healthy changes, but try to keep as many of your habits as simple as you can to make the transition easier.

For example, if you like to dine out with friends, there’s no reason you can’t do that while also staying healthy. Just look up the menu online before you head out and choose healthy options. Look for vegetable-heavy dishes or dishes with seafood and chicken. Avoid anything breaded or covered in heavy sauces. Ask for sauces and dressings on the side, and you’ll be well on your way toward making smart food choices.

Don’t forget to try restaurants with a commitment to healthy food. Bricco, for example, offers a number of dishes to appeal to different diets. Whether you’re giving up carbs or want to try plant-based dishes, Bricco can cater to your tastes with heathy, seasonal, local and delicious foods.


healthy eating market

Make Good Habits Easy

Make it easier to eat healthy. Start shopping at farmers markets or organic food stores so you can easily find an array of good foods. Prep meals for the week on Sunday nights, so you always have healthy snacks and meals on hand.


Get Inspired

Read healthy eating tips for the new year on blogs or watch videos about healthy foods. Read cookbooks featuring healthier options. Paste pictures of yourself at your ideal weight in your kitchen. Ask family and friends for their best tips for eating healthy. By surrounding yourself with the idea of healthy eating, this goal will always be on the forefront of your mind and you’ll be getting lots of inspiration to keep going.

If you want a break from healthy cooking without taking a break from healthy food, make a reservation at Bricco. Have Chef Bill Collier and his team prepare delicious and healthy food you can feel good about.

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