5 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2017

By Bricco Posted on February 11th, 2017

valentines day 2017

Your love is unique, so shouldn’t your Valentine’s Day plans be, too? Leave the premade cards and heart-shaped box of chocolates alone and create something that will thrill your partner and make them feel like the luckiest man or woman on the planet. Stuck for ideas? Try these five suggestions to get started:

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1. Book a New Activity You Haven’t Tried Before

Buy tickets for a game your partner likes, rent an inflatable outdoor movie screen to watch romantic movies under the stars, book a hot air balloon ride, hire singers to serenade your love and find other activities to share and remember together.

If you’re stuck for ideas, call your local tourism bureau and ask about tours. Tour operators are often willing to offer special Valentine’s Day horse and carriage rides, boat tours, helicopter excursions and other once-in-a-lifetime events. If you don’t have children or can find child care, you can even sweep your love away for a romantic weekend out of town.

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2. Make a Special Gift

Making a special gift is more personal than buying something in a store and lets you customize the present. For example, you can create a date kit filled with movie tickets, popcorn, snacks and a gift card to a restaurant like Bricco. You can buy a bunch of balloons and attach a message to each one.

Another idea is to create a memory book of your favorite photos together. You can also give your partner a box of kisses by creating small notecards on which you describe different types of kisses you can share together. You can also create a box of cards on which you list all the reasons you love your partner.


3. Buy Something You Know Your Partner Will Love

Carefully think about something meaningful to your partner. Maybe it’s signed memorabilia from a sports team, a yoga class certificate or a favorite book. It can be especially meaningful to buy something your partner is passionate about, because this sort of gift shows you’ve done your research to buy the perfect thing.

valentines day 2017

4. Create a Surprise

Instead of planning a Valentine’s Day together, get a little sneaky. Show up at your love’s work with a picnic basket or greet them after work in a special outfit and with a fun evening planned. This might include a candlelit dinner alone in a room strewn with rose petals or a quiet evening of watching movies.

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5. Go Out to Eat

Dinner out is a Valentine’s Day tradition, but instead of sitting around with millions of other couples, why not turn it up a bit? Have your meal catered to a special location of your choice, or book a private tasting at Bricco. It’s a more intimate way to enjoy each other’s company and a sure way to make your better half feel like a VIP. Since Valentine’s Day tends to be busy in restaurants, you can also give a restaurant gift card so you can both head out on the town on a less-busy night.

If you would like to book a unique, private tasting experience or a table at Bricco, reserve now. Spaces for Valentine’s Day are limited.


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