Celebrate National Foodie Day in Harrisburg, Pa

By Bricco Posted on May 2nd, 2017

national foodie day

Kevin Godbee, owner of the website St. Petersburg Foodies, has declared May 9th National Foodies Day. Many restaurants in his hometown of St. Petersburg, FL are getting in on the fun. While it can take an Act of Congress to declare a day a national holiday, Foodie Day sounds like a great idea to us, and we think it’s a day that can be celebrated coast to coast.

How can you celebrate National Foodies Day right here in Harrisburg, Pa? We have a few ideas:

  • Try a new food, especially one you’ve never heard of or have been scared to try.
  • Sign up for a local cooking class.
  • Try a new recipe.
  • Take some friends out for a fun restaurant meal.
  • Book a reservation for May 9th at your favorite restaurant.
  • Try a pop-up dining event to experience food in a whole new way.
  • Sign up for a food tour or wine tasting to combine travel and eating.
  • Try a private dining experience, such as Table at Bricco, and ask all your friends to join you.
  • Ask a chef for recommendations.

If you’d like to celebrate, book a reservation today or start dreaming up a menu for a special party.

national foodie day in harrisburg

Why Is a Food Holiday Overdue?


Foodies do a great deal for us, and we think it’s a good idea to recognize them. Simply defined, foodies are gourmands who really focus on food. If you have someone like this in your life, you may be exposed to taste and dining experiences you haven’t even considered. Connoisseurs tend to expand and influence the palates of everyone around them.

Food is essential for life, but it’s also crucial to health. It is part of some our most important celebrations, and when we “break bread” with loved ones, we form bonds. Eating together can help us strengthen relationships as we nourish our bodies.

Foodies tend to focus on local, organic and fresh ingredients over processed foods, too. This can have a big impact on health, since convenience foods tend to be very high in artificial ingredients, sodium, sugar and other ingredients that may be harmful when eaten to excess.

The focus on local foods is also important in changing local economies, the environment and how we look at food. Going local means less reliance on imported ingredients, which place enormous pressure on transportation systems and use up a great deal of fuel. Foodies who focus on getting to know regional and organic foods are often willing to get to know local producers. They might also encourage methods of production that help create local jobs and are gentler on the environment when compared to mass-produced foods shipped globally.

Whether you identify as a gourmand yourself or have friends who are foodies, plan something fun this May for National Foodie Day to celebrate what food can do in our lives.

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