Autumn Eating in Pennsylvania

By Bricco Posted on October 23rd, 2017

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October in Pennsylvania means harvest time. It’s also ideal for looking at the leaves, heading to the farmer’s market and exploring some new tastes. If you’re tired of seeing pumpkin spice flavor in everything, maybe it’s time to branch out. There are many ways to experience fall in Pennsylvania as a foodie:

  • Why not try some mushrooms? There are many farms growing a variety of mushrooms beyond white button, or you can choose a reliable guide and try your hand at foraging. Our state is filled with wild varieties bursting with flavor. While you’re in the woods, you can try finding some leaves for a colorful fall centerpiece, too.


  • Try a fall fair. Our state has an amazing variety of fairs, from the Carlisle Barracks Oktoberfest to the Knoebels Covered Bridge & Arts Festival and the Slavic “Plus” Food Fest. There are pumpkin festivals, apple festivals and just about every kind of craft, art and food festival you can imagine. Go on a road trip or stay close to home, and you’re sure to have a great time!


  • Go apple picking. It doesn’t get any more autumnal than that, and it gives you a chance to support local farmers, too. Going apple picking is a fun family or solo activity and is a way to see where your food comes from. It’s also the perfect excuse to try out new apple recipes.


  • Explore squash. Pumpkin isn’t the only option in town. Going to a pumpkin patch can be great fun before Halloween, but don’t forget all the other gourds and veggies just waiting for soups, roasts and other dishes.


  • Stay in. This is a perfect time of year to go out and see the changing leaves, but cooler temperatures also give you the perfect excuse to curl up with a hot drink, a treat and a favorite book or movie. Fall is the time to get cozy!


  • Visit Bricco. Our October Table will be on the 27 and 28th. This annual event is a great way to taste some of the creations of our amazing culinary team and to experience the very best local cuisine has to offer. And don’t forget to check out our new fall menu in the first and second week of October. If you want to experience the pleasure of local dining without having to cook all day, let our team prepare amazing foods for you in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Book a dinner reservation, pop-up event, or one of our ‘Table at Bricco’ events today! Let us show you why we’re recognized as one of the best restaurants in Harrisburg!


Whether you celebrate fall by marveling at the leaves, cooking up a storm or enjoying food someone else has prepared for you, at this time of year, nature really shows off in Pennsylvania. From stunning natural displays in our parks, to food at its very peak, there is so much to see and do here in Harrisburg, PA. Before the rush of the holidays, be sure to check out all the state has to offer.


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