Healthy Eating This Fall

By Bricco Posted on October 31st, 2017

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If you’re trying to eat healthy, this is a great time of year to implement some smart & vibrant food choices. The holidays are still weeks away, meaning you can add a few healthy habits before the richer foods show up. With lots of choices, this time of year is also ideal for eating whole, nutritious foods. Here are some great tips to make smart choices this time of year:

  • Take advantage of food fairs and events. Autumn is perfect for eating, with harvest time in full swing and lots of food fairs. These events are ideal for trying new foods and new recipes.

  • Pick your own. Head to the pumpkin patch and the local farms to pick your own food. It’s at its peak right now for flavor and ripeness, and you won’t get fresher foods any other way. Make it a day of apple picking or harvesting other fruits and veggies with family and friends and stock your fridge with local goodness.

  • Stock up on whole foods. Since many fruits and vegetables are in season, it’s easy to eat fewer processed foods. Consider freezing some of the fresh fruits and vegetables you buy so you can enjoy them year-round. Since there is plenty of local produce in season, it’s also very affordable, so there’s no excuse not to eat better-for-you whole foods.

  • Go simple. Everything tastes great, so it needs very little beyond some simple seasoning. Just roasting vegetables with a little olive oil and salt, for example, gives you a terrific meal full of nutrients and vitamins. A simple green salad with chopped apples is crisp and bursting with flavor. Pare back your meals to get the most out of local flavors.

  • Get active. If you’re eating locally and eating whole foods, don’t be surprised if you enjoy a little burst of energy. Put it to good use with some physical activity, whether it’s hiking to take in the autumn colors or trying a new sport.

  • Give yourself a healthy treat. Eating healthy doesn’t mean going without indulgence. Check out some local restaurants, cooking classes or food festivals to take in some new-to-you dishes. They can inspire you to try something new at home and can be a way to try healthy eating even if you don’t cook much.

If you’d like to experience some new autumnal foods that taste great and showcase local produce, make a reservation at Bricco today. We’re rolling out our new fall menu in early October, and our October Table will be on October 27th and 28th this year. You won’t want to miss that event or the new dishes popping up on our menu.


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