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By Bricco Posted on February 28th, 2018

The winter months can feel a little drab — the sun sets earlier, the weather is chilly and we don’t get as much sunshine. But instead of feeling sad about it, many people use this time to start planning summer vacations and getting excited about the warm, happy times to come.

Are you planning your vacation for the summer? If you’re a foodie interested in exploring the wide world of flavor, there are a few destinations you might want to look at as you plan your next big trip:

  • Venice. Delicious Italian food, including pasta, tiramisu, pizza and more await you in the famous canal city of Italy. Enjoy history while sipping wine by the water or enjoy tours that take you along the countryside to explore where Italian cuisine got its start. Be sure to check out to the fresh seafood available in Venice and throughout Italy!


  • Paris. This is a must-do for any foodie. Paris is filled with Michelin star restaurants, quiet establishments with delicious food and more. Get a picnic basket and eat outdoors, head to one of the tiny cafés throughout the city or get outside of town to explore well-known and new restaurants. There’s a reason why French food is famous all over the world and why French dining is equivalent with fine dining. Grab a French phrasebook and book your flights to Paris if you’ve never been.


  • New York City. America’s cultural center is also a hotbed of exciting chefs, sought-after restaurants, and great dining. New York City is a blend of both classic Americana dining and the latest cultural trends, which tend to start here first. Check out a Broadway show, take in a culinary tour or explore NY style bagels, the Russian Tea Room and other classics.


  • Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is rapidly becoming a top foodie destination. Our artisanal cheesemakers, great restaurants, well-known chefs and rich cultural heritage which includes Dutch and German ancestry make Pennsylvania a top spot for food lovers. Whether you want to try the craft breweries, farmer’s markets or fine dining, pack your bags for Pennsylvania.


  • Tokyo. Tokyo is a hotbed of not only sushi but a range of exciting cuisine. Be sure to explore noodle shops, seafood, markets and high-end luxury fruits and vegetables (yes, there is such a thing). If you’re looking for food like you’ve never had it, Tokyo is your destination. This is the Metropolitan fare that’s current right now.


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If you want to stay closer to home, why not consider a road trip? If you live anywhere along the Eastern seaboard, head out to Pennsylvania or Maine — or make a trip that travels the entire East Coast! Try lobster in New England before heading south for famous Southern dishes inspired by French cuisine. Be sure to stop by Bricco’s, too. Our delicious Mediterranean fare is locally sourced and lovingly prepared with an eye for innovation and creativity. Here, we’ll tantalize your taste buds in a comfortable and chic atmosphere you’re sure to love.


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