Top Tips for Valentine’s Day Romance

By Bricco Posted on January 21st, 2019

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and this means you have only a little bit of time left to plan something special for someone you love. Whether you’re proposing or just want to make this year’s Valentine’s Day special, there are a few ways to dial up the romance:

  • Build up the anticipation. Looking forward to something is half the fun, especially if it’s a surprise. Plan something special and keep most of it under wraps but drop a few clues.
  • Create a plan early. Restaurants fill up fast and florists are overwhelmed at this time of year. Start planning what you want to do and what it will take for your special day to be incredible. Put your plans into action now.
  • Think outside the box. Stay away from the clichés, like roses and chocolates. Consider choosing a different sort of flower or an experience that doesn’t include what you usually do on Valentine’s Day. Variety is truly the spice of life.
  • Appeal to all senses. True romance appeals to all the senses. If you’re having a special dinner, make sure the tastes, smells, and appearance of the food are all amazing. Play music in the background. Book a massage or stay in a special spot with a hot tub to appeal to the sense of touch.
  • Make it personal. The love of your life deserves more than generic romance. Make sure your Valentine’s Day includes a movie you first saw together, a spot that’s important to the two of you, or your song. Make it about your life together.
  • Use words. A love letter or poem, written from the heart, can become one of the most treasured memories. Even if you don’t think you’re a wonderful writer, consider putting pen to paper and expressing how you feel. You can draw a picture if you’re more confident with images. As long as you are authentic and put your heart into it, it will be appreciated.
  • Focus on the details. Tiny details add up to an important night. If you’re going out to dinner, consider slipping a special note under the napkin. At home, light some candles and lower the lights. As you set up your Valentine’s Day, look around and ask “Is there any small thing I could do to make this more romantic?”
  • Plan a VIP experience. If you want a luxe experience for someone special, consider a private dining room where you and your love will be pampered in a private setting.
  • Try an intimate setting at home. Why not skip the busy Valentine’s Day crowd entirely and cook at home? You could cook for someone special or even cook together (which can be more fun!). If you’re not confident in the kitchen, Bricco has cooking classes to get you started.

If you’d still like to book a dinner, contact Bricco to find out what spots are available and to find out more about our private dining option. No matter how you decide to celebrate, Bricco wishes you a romantic and happy Valentine’s Day.

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