Beat the Heat This Summer With Food

By Bricco Posted on July 9th, 2019

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The summer is here, and living is easy. From lighter clothes to vacation days to pared-back beach houses, this is the season with less fuss. You might want to bother less with meals, for example. If you want delicious and simple eating, there are several options.

  1. Take It to the Grill

Barbecue is popular for a reason. Grilling tastes divine and helps you stay cooler by letting you leave your stove and oven off. Bricco has a grilling class this summer in August. Sign up today by calling 717-724-0222. You’ll be amazed at what the right techniques and marinades can do.

  1. Eat Lighter

Kiss stodgy foods goodbye and opt for salads and cooler, lighter foods. They will help you feel great throughout the summer months. Foods such as fruits and vegetables, are high in water content and help rehydrate you when the weather gets hot.

  1. Go Mediterranean

Opt for a Mediterranean plate piled high with vegetables, healthy fats and fish. This diet is considered very healthy by researchers and doctors, especially for cardiac health. Countries such as Greece and Italy also have warm climates, so food from these regions of the world is a perfect match for hot weather.

  1. Head Outside

Try eating outside. Whether it is at a picnic table in the park or on a deck, everything tastes better al fresco. You might even try setting up an outdoor space with lights and seating, and let yourself dine with friends and family. Fresh air and company helps you savor your menu items more, and you might just get a pleasant breeze, even on hot days.

  1. Try Something New

Summer is a terrific time to try new recipes and flavors. Head to the farmer’s market or your local store to see what’s new and in season. Try a new recipe built around a new-to-you food.

  1. Keep It Cool

Cold soups, salads, sandwiches, rolls and drinks help you stay cool. Best of all, many classic summer dishes, such as pasta salads, can be made ahead of time, so you can enjoy meal times without having to work over a stove.

  1. Keep Flavors Simple

Heavy sauces are not ideal in hot weather. Light vinaigrette and simple plates of just a few flavors often taste best during these warm months. Many fruits and vegetables are also in season at this time of year, and when you buy fresh, you don’t need much to bring out the flavor.

  1. Eat Out

Summer is a great time to revel in the company of friends and family. It is an ideal time to celebrate holidays, special milestones and even the everyday successes with dinner out.

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