Heading to a Restaurant for Dinner? Try Lunch, Instead

By Bricco Posted on July 26th, 2019

sandwiches for lunch

Dinner is a wonderful time to enjoy a restaurant meal, but you’re missing out if you don’t try going out for lunch occasionally as well.

There are many reasons why you might want to try visiting a restaurant for lunch instead of dinner.

  1. The Service May Be Faster

Many lunch menus are designed for efficiency since they cater to the business crowd. They likely include dishes that are faster to prepare, so you can still enjoy eating out, but you can also ensure you are back to office when you need to be.


  1. You Can Likely Get Reservations More Easily

Having trouble getting reservations you want at a dinner hot spot? Lunch spots fill up less quickly, and you can often snag a table, even last-minute.


  1. It’s a Pleasant Break to Your Day

If you always eat at work, you may be missing out. It has been proven that an actual lunch break helps employees focus and be ready to handle what comes their way in the afternoon. Taking a break and getting away from work for a full lunch hour can be healthy for you and your efficiency on the job.


  1. It’s the Perfect Way to Try a New Spot

A  lunch isn’t as much of a commitment. You don’t have to linger, and you can even check out a restaurant quickly ahead of time if you’re planning a proposal, a wedding dinner or another important event. If you’ve been hoping to try an upscale spot but don’t want to spend a lot, lunch is often the most affordable option if you would like to dine like a VIP. If you want to try a new style of eating, lunch is also ideal. If you’re curious about Italian food, for example, Bricco’s lunch menu offers everything from Bucatini carbonara to Sage pappardelle to more accessible items, like pizza and salad.


  1. It Can Be Smart for Your Diet

If you want to eat a bigger meal, and maybe even include dessert, doing it at lunch gives you more time to burn it off. You can then choose something light for dinner.


  1. It Keeps Things Casual

Are you looking to have lunch with a business associate or a new friend, or do you need a fun date idea without making things formal and serious? Lunch tends to be a more relaxed occasion, which can allow you to be yourself.

If you’re ready to see why Bricco is one of the best restaurants in Harrisburg, drop by for lunch! Our lunch hours are Monday – Friday, 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.


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