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Bricco's Gourmet Desserts in Hershey and Harrisburg

Gourment Desserts in Harrisburg at Ciao Bakery When it comes to top dessert restaurants in downtown Harrisburg, Bricco takes the cake. With our full on-site bakery - Ciao! Bakery - we can offer the freshest, most decadent delights and European-style artisan breads and pastries. Did you know, however, that Harrisburg’s very own Bricco offers patrons the best gourmet chocolate desserts in town? Visit Bricco, explore our dessert menu and discover the differences that make us the finest restaurant in downtown Harrisburg. Click here to make a reservation. For parties of 7 or more, please call: 717.724.0222

Our seasonal dessert menu features decadent treats made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients. It's our fillings that really set us apart from other bakeries in the area. Made from scratch and only from the at-the-peak-of-their-season fruits, our fillings highlight the sweet notes of our unique desserts.

A Dessert for Every Appetite

Don’t let a small appetite keep you away from trying one of our incredible gourmet chocolate desserts, created in house by our expert pastry chef from Ciao! Bakery. Bricco offers both large and small plates, as well as a delicious selection of gelatos and sorbets — why not try several, and share your selection among friends? Or stop in for a bite and a French press coffee after work, or test out our truffles, cheese board and delicious dessert wines.

Desserts for Special Events

If you are planning a wedding or special event, why not partner with Bricco and Ciao! Bakery? Our pastry chef and staff will help you plan and prepare the ultimate in fine desserts, from a custom-created wedding cake to outstanding small bites to delicious, melt-in-your-mouth pastries. Bricco and Ciao! Bakery will work with you to create the ideal complement for your themed event expertly and with the ultimate in fresh, local and in-season ingredients.

Bring Home the Fresh-from-the-Ciao! Bakery Taste

The chefs in charge of the menus at Bricco and Ciao! Bakery believe that creating delicious, inspired cuisine begins with sourcing the freshest in local, sustainable and seasonal ingredients. From working with our favorite Pennsylvania farmers to selecting the best of what the world has to offer, dessert from Bricco and Ciao! Bakery will never disappoint. Visit our onsite bakery to take home our fresh-from-the-stone oven breads, artisan pastries and specialty cakes. Special orders welcomed. And after-hours pick-ups can be arranged at Bricco, for your convenience.

Expertly Designed and Prepared

Gourment Desserts in Harrisburg at Ciao Bakery The mastermind behind Ciao! Bakery is our Lead Pastry Chef Cassandra Callahan. As the first pastry chef at the Hilton Harrisburg, she used her personal style of baking to design inventive dessert menus. During her tenure, she mentored the bakers who would become the stellar lineup driving Ciao! Bakery.

Erin Grissinger, Assistant Pastry Chef, has been with us since the bakery's opening in 2006. Her passion is specialty, customary and wedding cakes, which she creates to complement your day's theme and your unique personal style.

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